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  Traffic Engineering


We offer a complete range of services in the Traffic Engineering field. Together our firm’s principals have over 70 years experience in this field. One of our firm’s Prinicipals, Mr. James Mallett, carries the Professional Traffic Operations Engineer designation, of which there about a select number of practicing professionals in Canada. Paradigm Principals have authored over 500 studies that contained detailed traffic engineering analyses.


Traffic/Transportation Impact Studies:


The impact of new development on traffic operations is a matter of major importance to roadway authorities. This is related to increasing peak period congestion on urban roadways, the need to maintain high levels of safety and limited funding to keep roadway facilities in a state of good repair. Provision of a traffic impact study along with a development application is a common requirement across Ontario.


Traffic Operations and Safety:


Public concerns regarding fiscal restraint and the economic, social and environmental impact of new and improved transportation facilities are increasing the amount of attention being given to improving the efficiency of our existing transportation systems, managing travel demand and improving the coordination between transportation and land use decision making. Our traffic engineering services are focused on getting more value from the existing transportation infrastructure in order to respond to these concerns.


Neighbourhood Traffic Calming:


Our extensive experience with studies of this nature indicates two key success factors. Firstly, there is an education process required in outlining the range of options and their impacts. Secondly, strong public support and involvement is required from the neighbourhood. Residents must be involved in creating the plan and “selling” the plan to their community.

Transportation Engineering

"Paradigm Principals have authored over 500 studies that contained detailed traffic engineering analyses"


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