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We offer a complete range of services in the Transportation Planning field. Together our firm’s principals have over 70 years experience in this field. Our firm’s principals have been involved in the development of Transportation Master Plans for communities across Canada. Our technical skills, technology-based approach and depth of experience offer unparalleled excellence in Transportation Planning.

Transportation Policy Planning:


Transportation Master Plans provide a comprehensive assessment of all modes of transportation. The principles and philosophies incorporated our planning approach include: Extensive use of senior personnel; Maintaining accessibility to support growth and development while balancing infrastructure with people requirements; Carefully consider the needs, potential impacts and alternatives necessary to protect, preserve and enhance inner city neighbourhood; Recognize that the road is used by different modes; Provide effective consultation with the stakeholders; Effective project management; Techniques to deliver on time and within budget; Complete Phases 1 and 2 of the EA process; Provide a practical plan in recognition of political and financial constraints.

Transportation Master Plans:


Public concerns regarding fiscal restraint and the economic, social and environmental impact of new and improved transportation facilities are increasing the amount of attention being given to improving the efficiency of our existing transportation systems, managing travel demand and improving the coordination between transportation and land use decision making. Our traffic engineering services are focused on getting more value from the existing transportation infrastructure in order to respond to these concerns.

Sub-Area Transportation Plans:


Many of our transportation services require the consideration of transportation needs within a smaller sub-area of a large urban or rural area. While the principles outlined for our Transportation Master Plans are maintained, our planning approach also generally includes: Roadside interview cordon origin-destination surveys; Development of sub-area models that consider the influences of growth and transportation improvements outside the immediate sub-area; Employment of special techniques and state-of the art models that provide more realistic traffic assignments and improved estimates of intersection turning movements; Recognition that model outputs need to be interpreted rather than used directly.

Community and Secondary Plans:


Fiscal restraint and the economic, social and natural environmental impact of growth and its impact on transportation needs are increasingly of concern in our communities.

Travel and Market Surveys:


Plans for effective and efficient transportation improvements are directly dependant on reliable, objective and detailed information on travel patterns, travel behavioral characteristics and customer preferences.

Transportation Demand Management:


Ensuring long-term sustainability of our transportation systems is a core value of our firm. We actively pursue opportunities to promote demand side solutions in our work. We work closely with our public and private sector partners to incorporate socially and environmentally responsible transportation solutions. Recommendations promoting sustainable transportation are found in all of our master planning work.

Environmental Assessments:


Environmental Assessment (EA) legislation establishes requirements for the planning of transportation facilities that ensures full consideration of the natural, social and economic environment. The EA process also ensures that all stakeholders are informed and have opportunity to participate in the planning process.

Bicycle/Trail Planning:


Increased walking and cycling have become important considerations in the planning of transportation systems and in land use planning. Walking is part of every trip and both modes of transportation are environmentally friendly, healthy and economical.

Transportation Engineering

"Our firm’s principals have been involved in the development of Transportation Master Plans for communities across Canada"

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